Before 2020 arrives..

A Mantra I was introduced to and modified for myself.

2019 is the year of manifestation. I can manifest anything I want. I accept the fact that I’m meant to think big and be a financial success. I work to make my dreams become reality. Everyday I’m closer to my goals. I am confident, resilient & focused with clear intent. My world is abundant. I’m rich and getting richer. I have more than enough money to pay for anything I want. Anytime I want it. My checking account has more than enough to pay for all my obligations. I have more than I need and all that I want. Money is easy. Opportunity comes at me from all directions. I expect abundance and success and by giving my best to all that I do, I therefore get abundance and success. My calendar is always full of fun, profitable and exciting opportunities. I speak words of love and wisdom. I attract into my life all the people that will benefit from my own unique value I offer the world. I stay connected to and guided by my inner source. I serve others. I’m ready for opportunities to do good for other. I give freely and lovingly of all I have. I am always thankful.

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